Automatic secret generation and periodic secret rotation in Vault

  • Services: Vault
  • Release Date: Feb. 9, 2024

You can now let OCI Vault to automatically generate secrets on your behalf with a few simple steps. You can also enable auto rotation of secrets to set up secrets rotation interval and periodically rotate secrets. For more information, see Creating a Secret in a Vault. Additionally, learn how to use the new pre-built functions in OCI Functions to rotate secrets of your database. For more information, see Database Secret Rotation without Wallet Function and Database Secret Rotation with Wallet Function.

In addition, the console secret details page now lets you identify whether a secret is auto-generated and auto-rotated and provides you with a comprehensive overview of related information. For more information, see Listing Secrets in a Vault,  Getting a Secret's DetailsViewing Secret Versions.

Furthermore, efforlessly monitor the status and progress of secret operations using work requests. For more information, see Secret Work Requests.