Computer Vision and TensorFlow conda environments are introduced

The Computer Vision for CPU and GPU on Python 3.7 (version 1.0) conda environment include some of the most powerful data science tools for pre-processing images and performing computer vision tasks. Use these conda environments for object identification, object tracking, stitch and compress images, facial recognition, track eye movement, and more. The slug names are computervision_p37_cpu_v1 and computervision_p37_cpu_v1.

The TensorFlow 2.6 for GPU on Python 3.7 (version 3.0) conda environment is an ecosystem of tools and libraries to create state-of-the-art machine learning models. You can use TensorFlow to train and deploy deep neural networks for image recognition, natural language processing, recurrent neural networks, and other machine learning applications. The slug name is tensorflow26_p37_gpu_v3.

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