License Manager is now available

License Manager provides a single observation and license usage tracking solution for all Oracle and third-party licenses in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. License Manager allows you to:

  • Automate license portability rules for Oracle Database products to OCI Database PaaS services, which helps eliminate overhead for Software Asset Managers (SAMs) and developers in an enterprise. Developers can create BYOL Oracle Database resources, such as Autonomous Database, without having to worry about creating visibility into their infrastructure for their SAM.
  • Track license usage for Oracle Database products or third-party products by Compute resources.
  • Obtain reporting of BYOL resources that have licensing needs. Monitor and manage a list of email addresses to be notified about the expiration or over-subscription of licenses.
  • Add, edit, or remove individual product licenses, along with accompanying license records or images. You can also perform bulk import of multiple licenses using the provided Excel template.

For more information about the License Manager, see License Management.