APM New Release Available

A new release of APM is now available with the following features and updates:

  1. App server dashboard enhancements:
  •  New charts for availability, requests summary and top service request.
  • Improvements to the CPU, memory, and GC charts for better data visualization.

For App server dashboard information, see Oracle-defined Dashboards for Application Performance Monitoring.

  1. Drilldown updates: Users can now drilldown directly from the Trace Explorer table when viewing a list of spans or traces. For Trace Explorer information, see Monitor Traces in Trace Explorer.
  2. Widgets and Filters access improved: A new and quick way to access Widgets and Filters from the main Dashboards menu is available. See Access Dashboards.
  3. CSV export: You can now download data in a CSV format from the Trace Explorer, GeoMap, and Topology Dashboards widgets.