Additional features for the DevOps deployment specification file

  • Services: DevOps
  • Release Date: Aug. 3, 2022

The following new capabilities have been added to the deployment specification file that allow you to define how commands get executed for an instance group deployment:
1.   Vault variables: The value for vault variables is retrieved from the vault secret and made available as environment variables for all the steps inside the deployment specification file.
2.   Multiline command: Both single and multiple line commands are now supported. Multiline commands essentially work like a bash script.
3.   On failure support: To gracefully exit the deployment stage, you can now specify a list of steps that must be run on failure.
4.   Shell override at step level: The deployment spec allows the shell to be used at the deployment specification global level. This enhancement allows the value to be overridden at the ‘step’ level.