Support for pre-built functions

  • Services: Functions
  • Release Date: March 21, 2023

OCI Functions now provides a catalog of pre-built functions. Pre-built functions are ready-to-use tasks or actions implemented using OCI Functions. Pre-built functions leverage the existing integration between various OCI services to help orchestrate service functionality using a guided experience, enabling you to configure functions without having to build or manage code.

Examples of pre-built function tasks include:

  • Media Workflow Job Spawner: Automate media processing using OCI Media Flow to transcode videos when they are uploaded to an Object Storage bucket.
  • Zero Quota Policy Creator: Automate creation of resource quota policies to enforce controls on your budgets as a part of your OCI environment for proactive cost governance.
  • Object Storage File Zip: Extract files from sources that are zipped or stored in Object Storage for ingestion by the OCI Data Integration service.
  • Object Storage File Extractor: Integrate the unzip PBF function as a part of the Data Integration pipeline to successfully unzip source files using a data flow integration task.

For more information, see Creating Functions Using Pre-Built Functions.