Accelerated Data Science 2.8.2 is released

The following changes were made in ADS 2.8.2:

  • Removed support for Python 3.7.

  • Improved the DataScienceMode.create() to support the timeout argument and automatically extract the region from the signer and signer configuration.

  • Support Jupyter Notebook as entrypoint when defining Data Science jobs with PythonRuntime and GitPythonRuntime.

  • Support environment variable substitution in Data Science job names and output URI.

  • Support JSON serialization of list and dictionary when assigning them as Data Science jobs environment variables.

  • Support saving the notebook to output URI even if the job run failed when running a Data Science job using NotebookRuntime.

  • Added method to Data Science job to load default values from the environment.

  • Added DataScienceJob.fast_launch_shapes() method to list fast launch shapes available for Data Science job.

  • Added the HuggingFacePipelineModel class to support prepare, save, deploy, and predict for Hugging Face pipelines.

  • Updated Data Science job run YAML representation to include configurations inherited from the job.

  • Fixed custom conda environment not showing in Data Science Job YAML specification.

  • Fixed an issue where model saving was failing in notebook sessions when ipywidgets isn't installed.

  • Fixed “Unknown archive format” error in, when the source code folder name ends with zip. The supported archive files are zip, tar.gz, tar, and tgz.

For more information, see Data Science and take a look at our Data Science blog.