Data Exploration, NVIDIA RAPIDS, and Parallel Graph AnalytiX conda environments

The following conda environments are introduced:

  • The Data Exploration and Manipulation for CPU v3 conda environment contains libraries for ingesting, processing, and visualizing datasets. ADS (lite version) comes pre-installed to help you ingest data from multiple data sources in OCI. You can also consume streams from the Streaming service using the kafka-python library. The slug name is dataexpl_p37_cpu_v3.
  • The NVIDIA RAPIDS 21.10 for GPU v1 environment contains the NVIDIA RAPIDS framework which includes a collection of libraries for executing end-to-end data science pipelines in the GPU. It has a familiar look and feel to scikit-learn and pandas. The slug name is rapids2110_p37_gpu_v1.

  • Python Parallel Graph AnalytiX 21.4 for CPU v1 is a graph toolkit that provides a graph query language, optimized analytic algorithms, and graph machine learning. You can use it to extract hidden insights in datasets at scale and with high performance. The slug name is pypgx214_p38_cpu_v1.

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