Storage Gateway

Storage Gateway 1.0 is now available. Storage Gateway is a cloud storage gateway that lets you connect your on-premise applications with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For more information, see Overview of Storage Gateway.

In this release:

  • A simple and efficient way to expose Object Storage as a traditional filesystem. You can now mount buckets to a compute instance running on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Exposes OCI Object Storage buckets as NFSv4 mount points while automatically performing NFS to REST API translation in the background. Applications can use Object Storage without modifications to integrate the REST APIs.

  • A local configurable cache enables asynchronous and optimized movement of the data to the cloud to mitigate network bandwidth limitations or connectivity issues. Because frequently accessed data is cached locally, the cache also improves latency when reading data from the cloud.

  • The Storage Gateway supports file-object transparency Data uploaded to Object Storage using the Storage Gateway is stored in the same format as the source data. There is no storage gateway metadata dependency to access the data in the cloud. You can use any available object storage client (CLI/SDK/UI/ third party TOOLS) to manage the data, once it’s uploaded to the cloud. If data is uploaded directly to the bucket, you can ‘refresh’ the OCI Storage Gateway to ingest the data and make it available using the NFS mount point.

  • You can monitor the health of the Storage Gateway from the console. SMTP integration enables proactive notifications.