Support for distributed tracing

You can now identify and troubleshoot execution or performance issues with applications running on Oracle Functions. Integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides tracing and instrumentation, enabling you to visualize a request as it flows through different components of an application.

Oracle Functions already provides integrated metrics and logs to help you observe and troubleshoot serverless applications. With this feature, Oracle Functions adds support for traces, providing comprehensive insights across all three pillars of serverless application observability.

You can use function tracing to debug issues with standalone functions, as well as with serverless applications comprising multiple functions and services, such as:

  • a function calling another function
  • a function calling other services such as the Object Storage service
  • a function that serves as an API backend for a REST API deployed in the API Gateway service
  • a function triggered in response to an event by the Events, Notifications, Service Connector Hub, or Integration Cloud services

For more information, see Distributed Tracing for Functions.