New Release for Cloud Guard is now available

These new features are available with this release of Cloud Guard:

Data Masking

  • Use data masking to redact sensitive information for problems, to ensure that it’s viewed only by authorized users. See Managing Data Masking.

Detector Enhancements

  • Use 14 new OCI Activity Detector rules to trigger problems - see OCI Activity Detector Rules::
    - DRG created/deleted
    - DRG attached to/detached from VCN
    - IAM API keys created/deleted
    - IAM Auth Token created/deleted
    - IAM Customer Keys created/deleted
    - IAM OAuth 2.0 credentials created/deleted
    - IAM User UI password created or reset
    - User removed from group
  • Tag problem data through detector rules. See Using Conditional Groups with Recipe Rules.

Problem Enhancements


  • All of the problem summary fields that appear in the console are now available in the Cloud Event data. See Configuring Notifications.