Bring Your Own IP is now available

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now allows you to Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) address space to use with Load Balancer. BYOIP lets you manage your IPv4 CIDR blocks to align with your existing security, management, and deployment policies and achieve:

  • Solution continuity and hardcoded dependencies: Your VCN is an extension of your public Internet presence, without needing to reinvent policies and management processes. If you have IP addresses hard-coded in devices or built architectural dependencies on specific IP addresses, using BYOIP you have a smooth migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • IP pool management: Some network administrators require the ability to summarize groups of IP addresses into pools and to create resources for deployment such as load balancers, firewalls, or web servers. IP Pool management provides tools to manage reserved public IP addresses.
  • IP reputation: Some Internet services rely on a contiguous IP address space and act as a trusted contact point between services such as major email service providers and mail delivery systems.

Oracle performs a validation process on imported CIDR blocks, and after validation the CIDR block is available for you to manage. You can create one or many public IP pools from this address space and use IP pools to allocate reserved public IP addresses for specific resources. You can always start or stop advertisement of the BYOIP routes when needed.

For more information, see the documentation articles on BYOIP and Public IP Pools.