New Cloud Guard Features Are Available

These new features are available with this release of Cloud Guard.

Use new OCI Activity Detector rules to trigger problems:

  • New OCI Configuration Detector rules
    - "Database System is publicly accessible"  - see OCI Configuration Detector Rules
    - "Load Balancer has public IP address" - in Cloud Guard Console, see Detector RecipesOCI Configuration Detector Recipe (Oracle Managed)Load Balancer has public IP address 

Use the problem reconciliation process - see Problem Lifecycle:

  • When a Cloud Guard configuration change causes a problem to lose its association to a detector rule, a target, a compartment, or a resource, Cloud Guard temporarily changes the Status of the problems to Deleted or Resolved. Later, if another configuration change restores the lost object association, the Cloud Guard problem reconciliation process does one of the following:
    - If it was marked Resolved, Cloud Guard reopens the problem.
    - If it was marked Deleted, Cloud Guard creates a new problem.
  • Some existing environments might have large numbers of problems with Status temporarily changed to Deleted or Resolved. On about 14 October 2021, these environments might experience a surge in activity on the Cloud Guard Problems page, as the problem reconciliation process works through this backlog. Complete processing of the first execution might take a week to finish, but subsequent delays are not expected.