Storage Gateway 1.3

Storage Gateway 1.3 is now available. Storage Gateway is a cloud storage gateway that lets you connect your on-premise applications with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. See Overview of Storage Gateway for more information.

New in this release:  

  • Large file support enhancement: Storage Gateway now provides partial update capabilities to reduce upload latency, improve the use of available network bandwidth, reduce minimum required storage cache size, and enable ingestion of single files that are larger than the Storage Gateway cache size.
  •  Cloud Sync enhancements: Storage Gateway cloud sync, an integrated data transfer and synchronization feature for backup and replication of on-premises files to and from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage buckets, has a new "schedule" CLI option to automate the Cloud Sync job so it runs according to a specified schedule. You can now configure email notifications for completed Cloud Sync jobs using the system notification tab of the Storage Gateway management console.

Critical Fixes:

  • File system getting UNMOUNTED due to temporary errors from Object Storage.
  • Cloud Sync parsing issues with special characters in file names.
  • Several miscellaneous fixes to improve the overall stability of Storage Gateway.