New Features in Application Performance Monitoring

A new release is available with the following Application Performance Monitoring features. You can now:

  • Create alerts on metrics and show them on charts based on span data by using Metric Groups and Span Filters features. While Metric Groups define metrics that are pushed to the Monitoring service for alerting and charting purposes, Span Filters describe the specific set of spans that are examined to compute the metrics in Metric Groups. These capabilities enable fine grain alerting on out-of-the-box and custom metrics collected from spans in any of the monitored application tiers using different aggregation levels (service, application, environment, or any other level). For more information, see Create APM Domain.
  • Save an edited out-of-the-box query or a custom query in Trace Explorer and open it at a later time to filter trace data. This enables you to easily access an edited or custom query that meets your specific requirements. For more information, see Configure a Saved Query.
  • Specify timeseries of 1 minute points for trace queries when using the timeseries keyword. For more information, see Work with Queries in Trace Explorer.
  • Display your data as a histogram using the histogram function in your queries. For more information, see Work with Queries in Trace Explorer.
  • Find a set of traces or spans that will be searched by the rest of your query using the Selection clause as a sub-query. For more information, see Work with Queries in Trace Explorer.