Support for repositories in compartments

  • Services: Registry
  • Release Date: Feb. 18, 2021

Repositories in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry now exist within compartments, enabling you to set up identity policies to control repository access at the compartment level.

Usually, before pushing images to a repository, you'll first create an empty repository in a compartment. The name you give the repository must be unique across all compartments in the entire tenancy.

Having created a repository in one compartment, you can subsequently move it to a different compartment.

Note that creating an empty repository in advance of pushing an image is almost certainly going to be your normal workflow. And if you're only authorized to manage repositories in compartments and not in the tenancy's root compartment, you'll always have to create a repository before pushing an image. However, if you're in the unusual position of mostly intending to push images to the root compartment, creating an empty repository in advance is not strictly necessary.

For more information, see Repositories.