Oracle Data Safe is now available

  • Services: Data Safe
  • Release Date: Sept. 12, 2019

Oracle Data Safe lets you assess database security configurations and database users, audit user activity, as well as discover and mask sensitive data in your Oracle Cloud databases. With Oracle Data Safe, you can protect sensitive and regulated data in those databases. For more information, see Using Oracle Data Safe.

Note: Customers should enable traffic coming from Data Safe NAT Gateway based on the region where Data Safe is enabled. This typically means that they need to add an Ingress Security rule from one of the IP addresses below to connect to a target database. In the case of ATP-S and ADW-S, if the customer is using Network ACLs, they have to add this IP address to the list. If they are not using Network ACLs, no change is required.

NAT Gateway IP addresses per region are as follows:

  • us-ashburn-1:
  • us-phoenix-1:
  • ca-toronto-1:
  • sa-saopaulo-1:
  • ap-mumbai-1:
  • ap-seoul-1:
  • ap-tokyo-1:
  • ap-sydney-1:
  • eu-frankfurt-1:
  • eu-zurich-1:
  • uk-london-1: