New Release for Data Integration (Bug fixes)

This release contains the following bug fixes.

You can now reconfigure the incoming parameter default values of a SQL task in a pipeline.

You can now fix data type validation failures during design time when a SQL task has invalid input parameter values. Data Integration displays a warning when the configured value of:

  • An input parameter does not match the defined data type of the parameter. 
  • A NUMERIC data type input parameter value is NULL.

The previous release introduced a regression in pipeline execution performance that is now addressed.

You can now edit and validate expression nodes in data flows that were created in previous releases of Data Integration.

You can now select a Hive data asset when configuring a target operator in a data flow.

Support for the following nested complex data types is added for Avro data source files:

  • Union(Map)
  • Array(Record)
  • Array(Array)
  • Array(Map)

Incorrect reading of data is fixed for Oracle Object Storage source files when a file pattern is used to exclude any attribute.

Documentation: Data Integration