Support for return clause in queries, wildcards in IP address searches, and filtering instances for details

  • Services: Search
  • Release Date: Dec. 8, 2021

Search now includes enhancements that let you retrieve additional resource metadata, use wildcards in IP address searches, and filter results to show more information about instances.

You can request additional details about resources by including the return clause in your queries. For more information, see Return Attributes.

When searching for IPv4 addresses, you can substitute a wildcard for an octet in the IP address. Search translates IP addresses that contain wildcards to CIDR notation. For more information, see Wildcards.

If you filter resource search results to display only instances, you now see details similar to what you see when listing instances through Compute. You can use the resource type filter in this way to see detailed information about instances across all compartments in a region. For more information, see Finding Instances.