APM Java Agent and Tracer Version 1.8 are Now Available

APM Java agent and tracer version 1.8 are now available with the following new features:

  1. Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) monitoring: The APM Java agent can now be used to monitor EJB versions 3.x and 4.x calls. Session Beans, Asynchronous EJB Invocations, Timer EJBs and EJB client calls are monitored.
  2. Helidon 3 support: The APM Java tracer can be used to monitor the latest Helidon version 3. For details, see Use APM Tracer in Helidon.
  3. Simplify configuration and agent update process: The custom probe configuration file (DirectivesConfig.acml) is now read from the standard agent configuration directory (oracle-apm-agent/config), eliminating the earlier requirement to add it as a parameter to the Java startup command line. For more information, see Configure a Custom Probe.