New Release for Data Integration (Security and bug fixes)

This release contains the following fixes.

  • Fixed the locked system account issue that caused workspace creation to fail.
  • Remediated issues with security vulnerabilities and compliance with third-party dependencies.
  • Upgraded the version of AuthZ used by internal services and components when deploying services in new regions.
  • Fixed a plugin issue that prevented metadata objects from being deleted in some workspaces.
  • Resolved a failed run issue with tasks that used a custom location for staging storage.
  • Resolved the known issue with a failed SQL task run in a pipeline when the downstream SQL task was using the JSON output SYS.RESPONSE_PAYLOAD_JSON and SYS.RESPONSE_HEADERS_JSON from an upstream REST task.
  • Corrected the error return code when retrieving the task schedule ID on a deleted application.
  • Fixed the issue in an integration task, and during runtime, with not being able to set the staging location when configuring the data entity parameter on the autonomous database target.
  • Resolved an issue with improper loading of icons on the workspaces page.
  • Fixed the issue with selecting a data entity in a data loader task, and previewing data in the transformation step, when the load type is single entity and the source is BIP Fusion Applications.
  • Fixed an issue that depleted the pool of workflow agents in a workspace that is associated with a private network but had errors in the virtual cloud network (VCN) and subnet configurations.
  • Reverted to use HTTP ports for the service health check.
  • Fixed an issue with a control plane deployment failing.
  • Fixed a performance issue in the data loader task when loading source data from multiple entities into multiple target entities.
  • Resolved the known issue with preview data failing to load for a data entity in an Object Storage Parquet data asset.