New release for Data Catalog

A new release for Data Catalog is now available. It includes the following key enhancements.

You can now:

  • Get AI/ML-based recommendations to link data catalog objects to a glossary term or category.
  • View search suggestions as you type in the search string on the Home tab.
  • Add a user-friendly business name to data catalog objects.
  • Create a connection to Object Store data asset using the Resource Principal connection type.
    Note: Cross-tenancy connections are not supported with S2S Principal.
  • Understand basic datatypes for attributes in CSV files.
  • Quickly find categories and terms using the search bar in the glossary hierarchy.
  • View and edit selected custom properties values in the attributes list.
  • Choose to harvest only logical entities from an Object Storage data asset.
  • Disassociate a data catalog object type that was previously associated with a custom property.

For more information, see Data Catalog and Data Catalog API.