Big Data Service 3.0.21 has added additional features

  • Services: Big Data
  • Release Date: May 16, 2023

BDS 3.0.21 release has the following new features implemented:  

In addition, the following bugs/enhancements have been made:

  • Fixed issue with failure in check for Flink when adding all services to ODH 1.0.
  • Fixed issue with HMaster logs being empty (even if both HMasters stuck in standby state).
  • Support Hue to work with NameNode HA (Configure Hadoop HttpFs by default).
  • Fix to enable Spark dynamic allocation by default.
  • Hue Metastore Manager and Hive Editor display tables which user do not have permission.
  • Fixes to improve stability when creating Big Data Service clusters.
  • Fix for avoiding principal names collision while creating Big Data Service clusters pointing to same Active Directory.
  • Fix ranger db schema to allow large no of hosts in certificate common names.
  • Ambari mpack SPARK3 service recommender improvements.
  • The default Yarn application’s localized file directory configured to number of disks per node.
  • Ability to submit Trino jobs through Oozie
  • For executing Trino queries from JupyterHub, install Trino package in Python 3.6 or later.