Logging Analytics: New Major User Assistance Enhancements

The following 4 major enhancements are now available in Logging Analytics: 

  • Ingestion Wizard: Provides you an automated platform to enable continuous log collection by associating the entities and sources from which the logs must be collected. See Tutorial OCI Logging Analytics: Set Up Continuous Log Collection.
  • Configurable homepage: By default, the homepage hosts widgets like the Oracle-defined dashboards and your recent dashboard, saved search and search activities. You can customize it to meet your requirement. See Customize Your Homepage in Logging Analytics Documentation.
  • Compass (including query bank): Use Compass for the latest Logging Analytics tips, tricks, news, and to know what Oracle finds useful and helpful for you in Logging Analytics. Also, finds the shortcuts to perform useful tasks. Through the Query Bank, Logging Analytics now offers you active help to quickly learn to write queries and also provides a vast set of example queries for advanced analysis. 
  • Sample log data: At no extra cost, enable the use of Sample Log Data in Compass, and use it to perform a lot of typical Logging Analytics functions. See Video Discover Logging Analytics Capabilities Using Sample Log Data and Use Sample Log Data to Become Hands-on with Logging Analytics in Logging Analytics Documentation.