APM Java Agent Version 1.13 Available

APM Java agent version 1.13 is available with the following updates:

  1. Java version 21 & 22 are now supported.
  2. The Request and Response Payloads of Servlet, JAX-RS Server, OSB Proxy Service and OSB Business Service can now be captured by turning on the parameters: capture_request_payload and capture_response_payload from their respective sections in the ProbeConfig.acml file.
    1. Use xpath/jsonpath/regex expressions to capture the desired data (configurable per operation name).
    2. The captured payloads are available as dimensions: RequestPayload and ResponsePayload. The maximum dimension length is 1,000 characters. For details, see About Trace and Span Attributes.

For information about probe settings, see Modify Probe Settings.

  1. Custom Metrics can be collected via user registered mbean methods on the Platform MBean Server. For information, see Custom Metrics.
  2. JDBC bind values (for PreparedStatement and CalleableStatements) and the original Application SQL can be optionally captured. To set them up, review the capture_bind_values section in the ProbeConfig.acml file.
  3. JVM Runtime Info and the Loaded Libraries/Jars reporting is enabled by default. Traces/spans are automatically generated at JVM startup, containing details about the JVM Classpath, JVM Arguments, System Properties and Loaded Libraries/Jars. Note that this data is filtered out in Always Free Domains.