Database Migration introduces new Console features and API changes

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration service has introduced new features to improve your user experience, including:

  • Support for non-autonomous databases as targets - you can now migrate data to OCI VM, Bare Metal, ExaCS, and DBCS databases
  • Graphical integration of Cloud Premigration Advisor results - View results and download the report right from the Console
  • Error message display and Data Pump log download - Errors during validation and migration jobs are now displayed in detail as part of the job phase, and a Data Pump log download button was added
  • Include or exclude database objects from migration - Select database schemas, objects, or types to be included or excluded from your migration using regular expressions
  • Consolidation of migration states - The Migration page displays one consolidated list of state names that indicate the resource's life cycle and functional migration states

For more details and links to updated documentation, see What’s New for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration

Also, as part of this release, Database Migration APIs of version 20200720 were deprecated on October 6, 2021. A new version, 20210929, was introduced. For information about updating your application to use new APIs, please see Deprecated Database Migration APIs