New Release for Data Integration

A new release for Data Integration is now available! Apart from bug fixes, there are some enhancements too.

You can now:

  • Publish tasks to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Flow.
  • Create an application as a copy of an existing application.
  • Apply transformations to multiple attributes in a data flow.
  • Review the data available in the target, when you select an existing data entity for the target operator.
  • Choose the key you want to use, when you specify the merge integration stratergy.
  • Use an improved interface for selecting data entities for source and target operators.
  • Use two new operators: Sort and Distinct.
  • Apply new transformations: sort, hash, format.
  • Create new data sources: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Hive.
  • Search across the entire workspace.
  • View references to data assets and connections in your applications.
  • Duplicate data flows and tasks.

For details, see Data Integration and Data Integration API.