BYOIP Now Includes IPv6

  • Services: Networking
  • Release Date: April 13, 2022

Oracle can now support multiple IPv6 prefixes for use within a VCN.

When you enable IPv6 on a VCN, you can now choose between a /56 GUA prefix allocated from Oracle, assign a prefix from a range you own and have imported via the BYOIP verification process, and/or specify a ULA prefix. 

An IPv6 prefix imported with BYOIP must be /48 or larger in size, which you can then further divide into sub-ranges to use within your VCNs.  The imported IPv6 prefix can be assigned across multiple VCNs, and each VCN must be /64 or larger.  You can specify a ULA prefix of /64 or larger to use in the VCN.  IPv6-enabled subnets are a fixed /64 in size.

You can learn more about IPv6 and BYOIP in the documentation.