New release for Data Catalog

A new release for Data Catalog is now available! You can now:

  • Use the OCI Events service to capture notifications created by Data Catalog operations. See tutorial for step-by-step instructions.
  • View constraint details for data entities, such as primary key, foreign key, and unique key. (Note: You must reharvest existing data assets to view constraints details.)
  • Import and export business glossary terms using Excel files.
  • Import and export custom properties for business glossaries.
  • Edit file parsing properties of CSV file data entities to reharvest.
  • Use expressions to specify the Object Storage bucket names in filename patterns while harvesting logical data entities.
  • Track data catalog and private endpoint lifecycle operations using work requests from the Data Catalog service page.
  • View and copy data asset and glossary keys from the user interface.
  • Use the incremental harvest option for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and IBM DB2.

For more information, see Data Catalog and Data Catalog API.