ADB-D on Exadata Cloud@Customer: Create a new ADB instance from Backup

  • Services: Database
  • Release Date: April 13, 2022

Restore a backup taken of an Autonomous Database (ADB) into an existing Autonomous Container Database (ACD) on the same or different Autonomous Virtual Machine (AVM) in any region on an Exadata Database Service on Cloud@Customer system.

Prerequisites and Limitations

  • If you are using customer-managed keys, then the target AVM/ACD will require access to the source Oracle Key Vault (OKV) for the keys.
  • The target AVM must have access to the backup destination of the source for the restore to be possible.
  • You can only use the Full Clone option to create a database clone.
  • You cannot use disk-based backups to create ADB instances from backups.
  • Target ACD must be on the same or higher version as the source.
  • One ADB restore per AVM. The limit applies only to the target AVM.
  • ACLs are not restored. Add them while creating clones.

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