New Billing tools are now available

View and manage your commercial subscriptions, usage, invoices, including payments and payment history, in the new Billing & Cost Management area of the Console. The following new pages have been added:

  • Subscriptions: Lists all Universal Credit Model subscriptions, and provides the list of services with their rate cards. Also includes the list of invoices for the subscription. In Usage, view the summary usage for UCM subscriptions filtered by commitment period or date range. Charts show visualization of usage data over time. You can also drill down and view daily usage for a particular service.
  • Invoices: View all invoices in a single table. Select a particular invoice to view line-level detail, or analyze the daily usage cost within the billing period. Pay invoices through the PCI-compliant payment service.
  • Payment History: View the list of all payments made in an account.

For more information, see Billing Tools Overview.