New Release for Application Performance Monitoring

This release includes the following new features:

  • New Visualization Options in Trace Explorer: The following visualization options are now available in APM Trace Explorer to visualize trace data:
    • Topology View: You can view the call relationships between services or operations in a set of queried traces or spans in the Topology view.
    • GeoMap View: You can view trace data clustered by continent or country using the GeoMap view. The GeoMap view is also available in the Oracle-defined Real User Monitoring dashboard.

            For more information on these visualization options, see Use Visualization Options in Trace Explorer.

  • New APM Java Agent Features: The following new features are now available for the APM Java agent:
    • SOA 12c Probe: The APM Java agent provides monitoring for Oracle SOA version 12.2.1 or later. The monitored SOA technologies are WS, JAXRS, JCA, and Service Engines.
    • Capture ThreadId and ThreadName: The ThreadId and ThreadName dimensions are now automatically captured in all APM Java agent generated spans. For descriptions of the ThreadId and ThreadName dimensions, see About Trace and Span Dimensions.