Introducing HeatWave Scale-out Data Management

HeatWave introduced a new data management layer that is built on OCI Object Storage. This new architecture enables storing HeatWave formatted data in a persistent storage, allowing reload of data in constant time regardless of data size. 

Data loaded into HeatWave, including propagated changes, are now persisted by the HeatWave Storage Layer to OCI Object Storage for recovery in case of a HeatWave node or cluster failure. Previously, data was recovered from the MySQL DB System. Loading data from OCI Object Storage is faster because data does not need to be converted to the HeatWave storage format, as is required when loading data from the MySQL DB System. If data recovery from OCI Object Storage fails, HeatWave falls back to recovering data from the MySQL DB System. Data removed from HeatWave when a table is unloaded is removed from OCI Object Storage in a background operation. For related information, see HeatWave Cluster Failure and Recovery.