New Release for Data Integration

A new release for Data Integration is now available!

You can now:

  • Connect to Apache Hive as a data target.
  • Connect to Amazon Aurora and InfluxDB as data sources.
  • Specify polling and termination configuration for a REST task that invokes a long-running API operation.
  • Use one or more parameters in the data entity names when you select a data entity for a source or target operator.
  • Specify the load order for loading data into the targets in a data flow.
  • When configuring Oracle Object Storage and Amazon S3 as a data source, you can now:
    • Include file metadata (for example, file size) as an attribute in the data.
    • Display the first 10 lines of the raw data in a CSV file after selecting a file by using the name.
  • Create an hourly schedule with a repeat frequency for running published tasks.

For details, see Data Integration.