DNS service updates

  • Services: DNS
  • Release Date: Nov. 8, 2017
  • Record Types menu: You can now filter the contents of the Record Type drop-down menu using a search box.
  • Protected records: The edit modal for protected records now displays an alert indicating that the record is protected.
  • ALIAS records: You can now add ALIAS records to hosts other than the apex host. Additionally, A/AAAA records that match an ALIAS record are indicated as "covered" in the UI.
  • SOA records: You can no longer edit SOA records. The edit modal can still be opened for SOA records for viewing purposes only.
  • Time To Live (TTL): You can now edit the TTL in the edit and add record modals via the Unlock link below the input. TTL can still be unlocked using the lock icon

For more information, see Managing DNS Service Zones.