A collection of related resources. Compartments are a fundamental component of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for organizing and isolating your cloud resources. You use them to clearly separate resources for the purposes of measuring usage and billing, access (through the use of IAM Service policies), and isolation (separating the resources for one project or business unit from another). A common approach is to create a compartment for each major part of your organization. For more information, see Overview of IAM and also Setting Up Your Tenancy.

To place a resource in a compartment, simply specify the compartment ID in the “Create” request object when initially creating the resource. For example, to launch an instance into a particular compartment, specify that compartment’s OCID in the LaunchInstance request. You can’t move an existing resource from one compartment to another.

To use any of the API operations, you must be authorized in an IAM policy. If you’re not authorized, talk to an administrator. If you’re an administrator who needs to write policies to give users access, see Get Started with Policies.

Warning: Oracle recommends that you avoid using any confidential information when you supply string values using the API.