OCI Generative AI is a fully managed service that provides a set of state-of-the-art, customizable large language models (LLMs) that cover a wide range of use cases for text generation, summarization, and text embeddings.

Use the Generative AI service inference CLI to access your custom model endpoints, or to try the out-of-the-box models to chat, generate text, summarize, and create text embeddings.

To use a Generative AI custom model for inference, you must first create an endpoint for that model. Use the [Generative AI service management CLI] to create a custom model by fine-tuning an out-of-the-box model, or a previous version of a custom model, using your own data. Fine-tune the custom model on a fine-tuning dedicated AI cluster. Then, create a hosting dedicated AI cluster with an endpoint to host your custom model. For resource management in the Generative AI service, use the [Generative AI service management CLI].

To learn more about the service, see the Generative AI documentation.