Data Handling

Questions related to Vision's data handling.

Does Oracle look at the images that I input to Vision?
No, Oracle does not use any of your content for any purpose except to provide you with the results.
Does Oracle use my data for improve the service?
No, Oracle does not use the content you input to train and improve any AI services.
Are the images I send to the Vision API, the results, or other information about the request itself stored on Oracle servers?
Customer data privacy is respected. When you send an image to the Vision API, it is processed in memory and no customer data is stored. Oracle temporarily logs some metadata about your API requests to improve the service, for billing and metering, and to combat abuse. The metadata is, for example, the time and size of the request.
Which file storage locations are supported.
Local file storage and Oracle Object Storage are supported. Find out more about Oracle Object Storage from the Object Storage web page. If your data is not in Object Storage, consider using Data Integration to move your data to Object Storage. See the Data Integration web page for more information about it.