Oracle Visual Builder Roles and Privileges

A role includes privileges that allow users to perform various tasks. All Oracle Cloud services have some predefined roles for performing tasks when setting up, administering, managing, and using a service. There are predefined roles for the application layer and for Oracle Visual Builder.

The  application-layer predefined roles include ServiceAdministrator, ServiceMonitor, ServiceDeveloper, ServiceDeployer, and ServiceUser, but only some of these roles are used and mapped to the predefined roles used in Oracle Visual Builder. To perform tasks in Oracle Visual Builder, the user must be assigned to one of the Oracle Visual Builder predefined roles. Users can hold multiple roles depending on their responsibilities. For example, a user might be granted both the ServiceAdministrator and ServiceMonitor roles, but any privileges granted by the role of ServiceMonitor are ignored in Oracle Visual Builder.

Predefined Roles in the Application Layer

The following table describes the predefined roles available in the application layer.

Predefined Roles Description

 Application-Layer Predefined Roles

Govern access to the various Oracle Visual Builder features:


A user with the ServiceAdministrator role is a super user who can manage and administer the administrator settings of an Oracle Visual Builder instance.


This role is not used in Oracle Visual Builder


A user with the ServiceDeveloper role can develop applications in an Oracle Visual Builder instance.


This role is not used in Oracle Visual Builder.


A user with the ServiceUser role has privileges to utilize only the basic functionality of a feature such as access to the staged and published applications.

Privileges Available to Roles in Oracle Visual Builder

There are three predefined roles in Oracle Visual Builder, and these roles are mapped to specific application-layer roles. The following table lists Oracle Visual Builder predefined roles and the tasks that users granted those roles can perform.

Oracle Visual Builder Predefined Role Mapped Role Tasks Users Can Perform in Oracle Visual Builder

Visual Builder Administrator


A user with this role can:

  • Use the visual design tool

  • Create, manage, and change the owners of applications

  • Create associations with other services

  • Configure security options for applications in an instance

  • Specify error messages for Access Denied pages

Visual Builder Developer


A user with this role can:

  • Use the visual design tool

  • Create, manage, secure, and publish visual applications

  • Design pages, work with business objects, build and test applications

Visual Builder User


A user with this role can only access staged and published applications. The default permission is enforced only when the service administrator adjusts security settings for the entire service instance to restrict all access to runtime applications to the users granted this role.

Roles Required for Git Integration

Oracle Visual Builder can be integrated with Git repositories hosted in Oracle Visual Builder Studio projects. When configuring integration with a Git repository, to access the Git repository the user will need to supply the credentials of a user in IDCS with the DEVELOPER_USER role for authentication.

If you have configured Single Sign-On (SSO) so that IDCS federates to another identity provider (IdP), the SSO user credentials can't be used to access the Git repository. You'll need to define a new user in IDCS with the DEVELOPER_USER role and use the new user's credentials when configuring the Git integration.