Editing a Dashboard

Edit a Console dashboard's name and description.

Because dashboards are made up of collections of widgets, most edits to a dashboard are best completed by using the Console. For information about creating and editing a dashboard's layout and widgets, see Managing Widgets and Configuring Widgets.

    1. On the Console home page, click the Dashboard tab.
      The default dashboard opens. If needed, switch dashboards.
    2. Click Dashboard actions and select Change name and description.
    3. In the Edit name and description panel, change the name and description as needed.
      • For the name, leading and trailing spaces and the following special characters aren't allowed: <>()=/'"&\.
      • For the description, the following special characters aren't allowed: <>()=/'"&\.
      Avoid entering confidential information.
    4. Click Submit.
  • Use the dashboard update-dashboard-v1 command and required parameters to edit a dashboard:

    oci dashboard-service dashboard update-dashboard-v1 --dashboard-id <dashboard_id> [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Use the UpdateDashboard operation to update a dashboard.