Log Management

Learn about how to create and manage logs.

You can perform the following log management tasks:

The Console Logs page lists both custom logs and service logs (indicated by the Log type field). The page is organized in terms of the following fields:

  • Log name
  • Log type
  • Status
  • Details
  • Created

From this page you can click the Log name entry to go to the log details page, or click the linked resource in Details to go directly to the resource. For example, if the log is for the Load Balancer service, clicking the link opens the load balancer details page. From the Actions menu (Actions Menu), you can edit the log, disable logging, change the log group, view tags, or delete the log.

To enable or disable an existing log
  1. Open the navigation menu and click Observability & Management. Under Logging, click Logs.
  2. Under List scope, Compartment, choose a compartment you have permission to work in.
  3. Under Log name, click the name of the log you want to view. The log detail page opens.
  4. Click Disable Log/Enable Log. A confirmation dialog is displayed regarding the disabling or enabling of the log.
  5. Confirm by clicking Disable Log/Enable Log. The log detail page changes its status and displays Inactive (for a disabled log) or Active (for an enabled log) in the status field, both on the log detail page and the Logs page.

    From the main Logs page, for the log you want to enable or disable, you can also click the Actions menu (Actions Menu), and then click Disable Logging/Enable Logging.