Getting Started

Before you can create and use Big Data Service clusters in a new account review the prerequisites and list of tasks

When you sign up for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle creates a tenancy for the account. The tenancy is a secure and isolated partition within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure where you can create, organize, and administer your cloud resources.

Big Data Service uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identify and Access Managment (IAM) for authentication and authorization through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Create Identity and Access Management (IAM) users, groups, and policies to control access to resources used in your Big Data Service environment. Manage authentication and authorization to Big Data Service by using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and by using Linux OS services and accounts.

To set up access controls for Big Data Service through IAM, an administrator must:

  • Optionally create compartments in the tenancy to organize and isolate resources and services.

  • Configure the Virtual Cloud Network (VNC) for the service including subnets and network resources. Network access rules control access to the network and resources on the network.

  • Create groups and add users to the group. At a minimum, create an administrators group and a users group.

  • Create policies to control access. Policies can be written, for example, to say which groups can perform what actions on which resources in which compartments.


Every tenancy has one or more users in the Administrators group. These users are cloud administrators and can perform the preceding actions, even if no administrator is defined for Big Data Service.

For information about users, groups, and policies defined through IAM, see Overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management and subsequent topics.

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