Typical Workflow

Describes the steps to start using Big Data Service.

Before You Begin

Before you start setting up the Big Data Service service for use, you must have:

  • An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account with administrator privileges
  • Access to the Big Data Service service
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Set up user resources

In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM), create your compartments, users, and groups of users.

Customer Network and the Cluster Private Network

You can set up virtual cloud networks (VCNs) and subnets n Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Networking for Big Data Service. Only regional subnets are supported, and DNS hostnames must be used in the subnets. Depending on the location of your data sources, you might have to create other network objects such as service gateways, network security groups, and Network Address Translation (NAT) gateways.

For data sources in a private network, create a VCN with at least one regional subnet.

Creating IAM Policies

In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM), create the required policies that give groups of users proper access to Big Data Service resources.

Big Data Service must also have permission to manage the virtual networks and subnets that you set up for integration.

For reference and examples, see Big Data Service Policies and Understanding Big Data Service resources and permissions in IAM policies.

Creating a Cluster
Access a cluster
Scale a cluster
Explore and visualize data with notebooks
Query data with Cloud SQL