Managing External Asset Discovery

In Oracle Cloud Migrations, asset discovery identifies and collects the metadata for the assets from the external environment. It then represents the relevant metadata in the inventory assets to facilitate the migration process.

The discovery process collects historical metrics to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure inventory and real-time metrics to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure monitoring. This data helps in providing meaningful suggestions for sizes of migrated assets based on the current usage of assets.

The types of metrics collected from the source virtual machines (VMs) are as follows:
  • Historical metrics: These metrics are collected automatically.
  • Monitoring or Real-time metrics: The monitoring metrics are precise when compared to historical metrics and they use the OCI monitoring service. If the usage of monitoring metrics exceeds the capacity of free usage, you incur extra costs.
Before you begin creating an asset source and running the external asset discovery, ensure that you complete the following tasks:

Required IAM Policies

You can create policies to allow user groups to access the external asset discovery resources.

View the verb to permission mapping for asset discovery to decide which verb meets the access requirements. For example, inspect allows users to view the list of all the asset sources in a compartment and read allows users to view the known connections to the asset source by the asset source ID.

For details about writing policies for Oracle Cloud Migrations, see Oracle Cloud Migrations IAM Policies. For users to access the Oracle Cloud Migrations resources, see user policies. For using the Oracle Cloud Migrations service, see service policies.