Importing Assets for Inventory

Import assets from CSV files instead of setting up a source environment. However, if you import assets, you can’t take advantage of the automated discovery and replication modules.

In such a scenario, the cost and recommendations during migrations are provided based on the information from the CSV files.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Migration & Disaster Recovery. Under Cloud Migrations, click Inventory, and then click Inventory assets.
    2. On the Inventory assets page, click Import assets.
    3. On the Import assets panel, perform the following steps:
      1. Select the compartment.
      2. (Optional) Download the CSV template and add the asset information. Ensure that the externalAssetId entry in the CSV file is unique.
      3. In the CSV Import File box, drag and drop or browse and select the CSV file that you want to import.
    4. Click Import.

      The importing of assets takes a few minutes, and on the Import assets page, the asset state changes to Active (under the State column).

      If you want to view the import job, under Inventory, click Work requests. When the importing job is complete, the status changes to Succeeded.
      If you want to modify the entries for an inventory asset, you must update the CSV file and import it again.
    You can now create a migration project. See Creating a Simple Migration Project.
  • To import inventory assets, use the import-via-assets command.

    oci cloud-bridge inventory inventory import-via-assets --compartment-id target_compartment_ID --inventory-id inventory_ID [OPTIONS]
    The required parameters for the import-via-assets command are:
    • --compartment-id: Specifies the OCID of the compartment that the resources import.
    • --inventory-id: Specifies the OCID of inventory.

    To get all the commands for inventory inventory, run:

    oci cloud-bridge inventory inventory -h

    To get help for the import-via-assets command, run:

    oci cloud-bridge inventory inventory import-via-assets -h

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • To import inventory assets, use the ImportInventory operation.