Override the Message Pack Limit Using the Command Line

The user interface limits the message packs that you can choose, but you can override the limit using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure command line (OCI CLI).

The limit in the user interface is 12 message packs if you create a new Oracle Integration license and 3 message packs if you bring an existing Oracle Fusion Middleware license (BYOL) to the cloud.

The OCI CLI is part of the Cloud Shell. The Cloud Shell provides access to a pre-installed Linux shell with a pre-authenticated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure command line. See Cloud Shell.


  • Increasing the number of message packs increases your bill.
  • The number of message packs that you purchase does not impact your instance's concurrency limits. See Service Limits.

The following steps provide an example of how to increase the number of message packs for your instance. The Cloud Shell supports a variety of features, tools, and utilities. You must also grant a specific IAM policy to the user requiring access to the Cloud Shell. See Cloud Shell.

  1. Grant the following IAM policy to the group containing the user requiring access to the Cloud Shell. See Manage Access and Assign Roles.
    allow group group_name to use cloud-shell in tenancy
  2. In the upper-right corner, click the Developer Tools icon, and select Cloud Shell to open the Cloud Shell.
    This image shows the region selection dropdown list (Phoenix is selected), the Cloud Shell icon, and three other icons.

    The Cloud Shell drawer opens at the bottom of the screen. The Cloud Shell executes commands against the selected region in which you opened the Cloud Shell (for this example, Phoenix is the selected region).
    Welcome to Oracle Cloud Shell.
    Try the new file upload/download capability in Cloud Shell. Access this new feature from the 
    Cloud Shell menu.
    Your Cloud Shell machine comes with 5GB of storage for your home directory. Your Cloud Shell (machine 
    and home directory) are located in: US East (Ashburn).
    You are using Cloud Shell in tenancy oicpm as an OCI Federated user 
    Type `help` for more info.
    my_login_name@cloudshell:~ (us-phoenix-1)$ 
  3. Enter the following command to increase the number of message packs.

    For this example, the instance is using an existing Oracle Fusion Middleware license type brought to the cloud (BYOL) that is configured with 20K messages per pack (3 is the maximum value you can select for this license type in the Edit Integration Instance dialog). This example shows how to increase the value to 10.

    oci integration integration-instance update --id OCID_value --message-packs 10
    • --id is the unique OCID identifier of your instance. This option is required. You get this value by clicking Copy in the OCID field on the details page for the instance.
    • --message-packs is the number of allowed message packs to which to increase your instance. For this example, 10 is specified.

    These are the minimum required options to specify. Additional command line options are also available. See Update Oracle Integration instances.

    The following tasks occur during command execution:
    • You receive an immediate response with a work request ID. For example:
        "opc-work-request-id": "ocid1.integrationworkrequest.oc1.geography-region-1.vmaerdicjfhkgfyaqrkihl6weoxhg6dxktxpdhh5ln6yi2en52xr3bplth4x"
      View the response in the Work Requests section at the bottom of the details page for the instance.
    • Configuration changes occur quickly and the Work Requests section shows this operation as completed. The new message pack number is visible on the details page for the instance. Note that the value does not automatically refresh. You may need to return to the page with the list of all integrations, then click the specific instance again to see the changes on the details page.