Obtain the Inbound and Outbound IP Addresses of the Oracle Integration Instance

You can obtain the NAT Gateway IP address (outbound IP address) and inbound IP address of your Oracle Integration instance from the About menu. The outbound IP address is required to allowlist the instance. This feature eliminates the need to file a service request to obtain the outbound IP address.

  1. Go to the About menu in Oracle Integration. This menu is not available in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. You can access Oracle Integration from the URL listed in the Service console URL field on the details page of your Oracle Integration instance. See View Instance Details.
    Three icons appear at the top. The third icon is clicked to show options for About, Preferences, and Sign Out.

  2. Select About.

    The outbound and inbound IP addresses are displayed.

    The About menu for Oracle Integration shows the Version, Service Instance, Instance ID, Identity Domain, Service Type, Outbound IP, Inbound IP, Bring Your Own License (BYOL), and Number of Message Packs fields.

  3. Copy the values.
  4. Use the outbound IP value to allowlist the instance.