Database Migration Metrics

Monitor the health, capacity, and overall performance of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration database registrations, migrations, agents, and jobs using metrics, alarms, and notifications.

Resources: odms-agent, odms-connection, odms-job, odms-migration


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration metrics help you measure the amount of data replicated between source and target databases.


Capacity of target databases can be monitored through the target database service and used to trigger alerts. For more information, see Use Autonomous Database Metrics to Monitor Databases and Use Enterprise Manager to Manage and Monitor Databases.


The following terms are helpful for understanding metrics:

  • Namespace: A container for Database Migration metrics. The namespace for Database Migration is oci_database_migration_service.
  • Metrics: The fundamental concept in telemetry and monitoring. Metrics define a time-series set of datapoints. Each metric is uniquely defined by namespace, metric name, compartment identifier, a set of one or more dimensions, and a unit of measure. Each datapoint has a timestamp, a value, and a count associated with it.
  • Dimensions: A key-value pair that defines the characteristics associated with the metric. For example, resourceId, which is the Database Migration deployment OCID.
  • Statistics: Metric data aggregations over specified periods of time. Aggregations are done using the namespace, metric name, dimensions, and the datapoint unit of measure within the time period specified.
  • Alarms: Used to automate operations monitoring and performance. An alarm keeps track of changes that occur over a specific period of time. It also performs one or more defined actions, based on the rules defined for the metric.


  • IAM policies: To monitor resources, you must be given the required type of access in a policy written by an administrator, whether you're using the Console or the REST API with an SDK, CLI, or other tool. The policy must give you access to the monitoring services as well as the resources being monitored. If you try to perform an action and get a message that you don’t have permission or are unauthorized, confirm with your administrator the type of access you've been granted and which compartment you should work in. For more information on user authorizations for monitoring, see Monitoring or Notifications.
  • The metrics listed on this page are automatically available for any Database Migration resource you create. You do not need to enable monitoring on the resource to get these metrics.

Available Metrics

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration metrics may include the following dimensions:

  • resourceId: For all metrics, the resourceId is the Migration, Agent, or Job resource OCID.
  • resourceName: Name of the Migration, Agent, or Job resource.

Table 10-1 OCI Database Migration Metrics

Metric Metric Display Name Unit Description Dimensions
AgentHealth Agent Health percent

Measures health of a registered agent.

0% - unhealthy

100% - healthy

resourceId = agentOcid

resourceName = agentDisplayName

MigrationHealth Migration Health percent

Measures health of a migration.

0% - failed migration

100% - successful migration

resourceId = migrationOcid

resourceName = migrationProjectName

DbImportProgress Database Import Progress percent

Percentage of data imported into OCI database.

resourceId = jobOcid

resourceName = jobName

DbExportProgress Database Export Progress percent

Percentage of data exported from source database.

resourceId = jobOcid

resourceName = jobName

ReplicationLatency Replication Latency seconds

End-to-end replication latency (using heartbeat table)

resourceId = jobOcid

resourceName = jobName

ReplicationThroughput Replication Throughput GB per hour

Replication throughput in GB per hour

resourceId = jobOcid

resourceName = jobName

Using the Console

To view Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration metrics:
  1. In the Console navigation menu, under Solutions and Platform, go to Monitoring and then select Service Metrics.
  2. For Compartment, select the compartment that contains the Database Migration resources you're interested in.
  3. For Metric Namespace, select oci_database_migration_service.

Refresh your browser to view the latest metrics emitted by the service.