Managed Instances

Click Managed Instances to view a table of managed instances that reported a run of the selected Java Runtime during the specified time period.

The table presents a list of managed instances that have reported the presence of a Java installation or the start of a Java application. You can filter by family of operating system: Linux or Windows. For each managed instance, the table presents the following information:
  • Host: name of the host associated with the managed instance
  • Agent status: status of the agent such as Active, Silent, Deleted
  • Agent state: specifies the agent security state, such as Update available
  • OCID: OCIDs of the managed instances in the fleet that have Java installation or Java application started at the selected time period
  • Applications: number of applications installed on the host at the selected time period
  • Deployed applications: number of application deployed on the Java server at the selected time period
  • Operating system: operating system of the host, such as Windows, Linux
  • First reported: date and time when the managed instance was first reported
  • Last reported: date and time when the managed instance was last reported

You can also perform the following actions on the managed instances:

For more information about a managed instance, see Managed Instance.

Click on the hostname of a managed instance to view its details. (See Managed Instance Details.)