AWR Settings

To view and modify AWR Settings for snapshot collection from Performance Hub:

  1. Open the Performance Hub page from the database details page, if not already open.


    For more information about how to navigate to the Performance Hub page, see:

  2. Click the AWR Settings button in the top-right corner.

    It opens the AWR Settings dialog box and displays the current settings for snapshot collection.


    Currently, this feature is supported for Base Database Service and External Database.

  3. Click the switch next to AWR Snapshot Collection to enable or disable snapshot collection for the database. When enabled, you can specify an interval for snapshot collection.

  4. Set the Snapshot Interval frequency in minutes.

    The default value for snapshot interval is 60 minutes.

  5. You can use the Retain Forever check box to manage the retention period for snapshots as follows:
    • Select this check box to retain snapshots indefinitely.

    • Deselect this check box to specify a fixed retention period for snapshots.


    The default value for snapshot retention period is 8 days.

    Enter the number of days to maintain the snapshots in AWR before it gets deleted permanently.

  6. Click Save to update the AWR settings, or click Cancel to discard any changes. It closes the AWR Settings dialog box.

The Performance Hub page displays a confirmation message at the top-right corner indicating that AWR snapshot settings are saved successfully. You can click AWR Settings again to open the AWR Settings dialog box for viewing or modifying the current settings for snapshot collection.

To reduce AWR space consumption, increase the snapshot interval and reduce the retention period.

Oracle recommends that you set the AWR retention period large enough to capture at least one complete workload cycle.